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Your Guide To Steinberg Cubase Studio

If you have spent any time in a recording studio, you have undoubtedly heard of Cubase, and of the different versions available to take your recording to the next level. Choosing the right equipment and software is crucial to studio success, which is why this article will highlight some of the features of this recording software.

Based on Steinbergs Cubase 4 Advanced Music Production System, Steinberg Cubase Studio 4 picks up where the older versions of Cubase left off, and features Steinbergs Play Order track, which allows for easy creating and arranging of patterns, as well as the AudioWarp feature for real time pitch shifting and stretching of audio.
Another new feature of this version is a more flexible Control Room section which allows for up to four independent studio mixes.

Cubase 4 comes with a brand-new VST3 plug-in set and four new integrated software instruments with more than 1000 sounds. The Soundframe feature is a powerful combination of Track Presets, Instrument Tracks, and MediaBay database, to help organize all your sounds from every instrument - both software VSTi and hardware.

The interface for this software contains many unique features and offers many ways for a user to change the way it appears while a song is being recorded. Cubase SE also offers many of audio and MIDI recording features with comprehensive editing and effects.

Designed from the ground up for professional music production, Cubase 4 sets a new standard for integrated music production software by combining powerful audio and MIDI recording, synthesis, editing, mixing and effects.

Control Room eliminates the need for an external mixer and gives you virtual control room functionality right inside your DAW by combining audio and MIDI recording, synthesis, editing, mixing and effects.

This Cubase 4 Studio package contains 46 plug-ins to give you the capability to create, record, and mix. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Cubase Studio 4 features an extensively redesigned and enhanced user interface.

The overall visibility of active items versus inactive items has been drastically enhanced. And with Steinberg Cubase SE you are using a system that you can upgrade whenever you choose to the higher Cubase SX/SL versions that are used by professional audio and music professionals worldwide.

Whether you are an established studio presence, or just beginning, you will appreciate the ease, flexibility, and features of this new version.


About the Author (text)For more information about Cubase training and support, visit our website http://www.obedia.com/cubase/index.cfm

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