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The Birth of Eskimo Inuit Art Prints
by Clint Leung

Unlike Inuit sculpture, art prints from the Canadian Arctic are a twentieth century innovation in Inuit Eskimo art. One of the most significant events that happened during the development of contemporary Inuit art was when Canadian James Houston taught the Inuit to make art prints by incising designs into linoleum tiles, stone blocks and stencils from sealskins. He had previously studied printmaking in Japan since the Japanese were considered innovators in this art process.

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The Basic Dilemma of the Artist
by Sam Vaknin

The psychophysical problem is long standing and, probably, intractable. We have a corporeal body. It is a physical entity, subject to all the laws of physics. Yet, we experience ourselves, our internal lives, external events in a manner which provokes us to postulate the existence of a corresponding, non-physical ontos, entity. This corresponding entity ostensibly incorporates a dimension of our being which, in principle, can never be tackled with the instruments and the formal logic of science.

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Why Art?
by Joseph Devon

The following is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. If I can get through this, all the way through this, than my little corner of the universe will make sense again and I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. If I don’t get through it…well…if I don’t get through it then you won’t be reading this and I’ve vanished off into the world of obscurity. The following is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write for the very simple reason that I, in no way, feel like writing it.

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by The Bogside Artists

The abstract notion of ‘society’, much touted by politicians, is, of course, a shibboleth. Society is the sum total of human relationships especially those we designate as "role-playing". Man is a social being and his life is by definition contextual. How he relates to himself, his work, his friends, his past, his present, his future, his family and the world in general determines his life and defines him. From the wastelands of the social pariah to the media touted ‘pillar of the establishment’ is a broad spectrum indeed. It is a spectrum explored by satirists in general and by many of the major playwrights. Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, for example, is essentially an expose of the craziness of man as a social being. The theatre deals expressly with all aspects of social relationships. Is theatrical expression political? How can it not?

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Toilets in Modern Art
by Angelique van Engelen

Travelers tend to frequently take the cleanliness of toilets as indicative of how civilised a country might be. Modern artists pretty much do the same thing. Defining a "threshold of civilization" by means of a toilet pot is however by no means simple. Neither is it likely to lead to a conclusive, once and for all outcome. On the contrary. When we are faced with a toilet pot as the focal point for debate, arguments rich of historic content emerge. Arguments that we realise we digested somehow only as and when we enter into the debate.

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Lasting Antique Art
by Shirlee Yeager

Antique art connects the viewer to our rich artistic history. For centuries upon centuries, the greatest of artists have graced the world with their works. Preserved over time, these masterpieces of antique art continue to benefit mankind. The perspectives of life they portray, the beauty, the tragedy, are timeless. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and mishaps have taken their toll on the antique art. Destruction brought about by war, in particular, left many museums of antique art in ruins. This only serves to increase the value of the antique art that we do have, that has survived to this day, and make these pieces even more precious.

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The Fine Art of Smudging
by Sam Stevens

An Aboriginal Canadian friend of mine who teaches at the Whispering Lodge in Toronto was explaining to me how physical or emotional healing cannot take place until the person is cleansed of any of the following conditions.

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Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts
by Steve Spry

The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow presents the very best in contemporary visual art, performance, film, music, spoken word, club nights and more. CCA is an environment where everyone can encounter experimental art or just enjoy the creative atmosphere. Whether you come to see a new work or have a cup of coffee, we want to provide the best experience possible. We have the confidence to be different and we present work that takes chances.

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Photographs Everywhere, But Is It Really Art?
by Sue Kennedy

I once heard a lady say to a photographer that she would have bought his work if it had been a painting. She liked the image, but for whatever reason didn't consider the medium suitable for her “it's just a photo”.

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