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Learn French Whilst You Drive

If you want to learn a new language, then why not learn it in the comfort of your very own car. There are hundreds of excellent courses around that will help you do just that. I have put together the top four tips on how to go about learning French in your car. It's so easy that you could start today! I think your car is one of the best places to learn a new language. The best thing about learning in your car is that you can do it alone.

Trying to pronounce new words and copying strange accents is difficult, not to mention embarrassing. French is a beautiful language but, recreating an authentic accent can create some very comedic results. Thankfully, you can do this in the privacy of your own car. No one can hear you making mistakes, so you can repeat words over and over again without annoying the hell out of anyone.

Some people find it difficult to maintain a structured learning pattern. The best results can be seen from learners who set aside time each day, which they to dedicate to learning. This shouldn't even be a concern for you as you could use ever journey in you car as a learning session.

Be sure not to learn during those longer journeys ? be sure to keep the sessions short. Your drive to work, the school run or even the weekly trip to the supermarket would be perfect. It's proven that short bursts of learning are the most effective and help you retain maximum amounts of information. Listen, repeat and learn. This is the mantra for the most popular CD and audio courses on the market. Repeating and learning is simple, but listening is the most difficult thing to do.

Sometimes you think you are listening, but really it's going in one ear and out of the other. Listen as many times as possible. The more times you hear a word or phrase the more likely you are to commit its meaning and how to pronounce it to memory. Listen for the subtleties in the accent and the rhythm of the language. Recreating an authentic accent is far more difficult than remember words.

Now you know the benefits and best techniques for learning French in your car ? you are going to need a French tuition course. Because you are learning in your car, the best solution would be for you to purchase an audio course. Many of these courses are created specifically to use in a car. All teaching will take place in the car and there will be no written work involved. You won't have to worry about scary French grammar, allowing you to fully concentrate on your French conversational skills.

It's easier than ever to learn French in your car. You now know the best and most successful ways to go about it, so all you need now is a French CD or MP3 Audio course ? oh and a car.

French In 20mins
French In Your Car

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