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The Story Telling Sons Of Green Day

Formed in 1987, Green Day is an American punk band that continues to play music for the audience today. All three band members who are with the band now have been with the band from the start, with the exception of Tre Cool who joined the band in 1990, and will most likely all remain with the band until it eventually dissolves. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong, who is the singer and the guitarist, Tre Cool, who plays the drums and percussion, and Mike Dirnt, who plays the bass guitar and is the other singer of the group.

Though they are most regarded as a general punk band, they mostly focus on punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock.

When the band was first formed, the members were only young teenagers of about 14 years of age, which is pretty young considering that most known bands were formed when the members were at least in their early 20s. At this time, the band was not known as Green Day, but Sweet Children instead. It would not be until a little after the band had signed to Lookout! Records that they took on the name Green Day. Apparently, the name was chosen because they enjoyed marijuana.

They continued with their music, which was well accepted enough to make them moderately successful for a few years, but it really wasnt until the mid 1990s that the band made a break through. I would be during this time that they would really become recognized and they would sell more albums than before.

Up to 2004, Green Day has released a total of seven studio albums, which have all done relatively well. The more recognizable of the seven that were more successful would probably be the three most recent albums, Nimrod, Warning and American Idiot. It was the release of American Idiot that brought out renewed popularity and new interest in the band from those who had not paid much attention to the band before. They have come a long way from their small beginnings and have done very well for themselves.

Green Day has been seen as controversial by many, especially in its younger days. This controversy did not get in the way of the band. Even in recent times the band has received some controversy, especially from the most recent album, American Idiot. Some people have viewed the album as something the band deliberated used to put out the message of anti-Americanism. There is debate as to whether the band purposely meant this or not, though it is doubted by most that they intended to send out a message of anti-Americanism.

Whether people see them as anti-American or not, though most probably dont, they continue to be a successful band that many continue to regard as their favourite band. The music is unique and different and this could very well be what most attracts people to listen to their music. There will continue to be some controversy, but it will unlikely get in the way of Green Day and their music.

In fact, the controversy could be what helps them to become more successful as more attention is brought to them.


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