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Promotional Printed Mugs Can Be Enhanced With Special Effects

While promotional printed mugs personalize the impersonal ordinary mugs, several kinds of special effects can enhance the impact created by the mug. For example, an earthenware mug with an embossed image can be much more impressive than a simple printed mug. There are other kinds of special effects that can add value to your promotional printed mugs. Embossing the Printed Shape Both letters and images can be printed in a slightly raised manner.

A silver shield or a gold crown printed in raised matt can be very impressive compared to a flat picture. Embossing can be achieved using screen-printing or transfer printing, by creating a raised mark. Laser Etching Makes the Embossing Even More Appealing Laser etching the coating exposes the underlying material. It can create a carved effect to the embossed shape, adding more tactile appeal to the shape in addition to the visual one. 3D Goes Even Further Molded clay shapes are placed on the mug before it is glazed.

Color is added to the shape through transfer printing over the mug and molded shape. The result is a promotional mug that has a high tactile appeal. Enhancing the Visual Impact The processes outlined above involve creating a slight or significant degree of tactile feel; from the slightly raised marks of embossing to definitely felt 3D shapes. A tactile impact is one way to enhance the appeal of promotional printed mugs.

However, this is not the only way to add appeal. There are some visual techniques that can also add appeal to different degrees, and catering to different tastes. Iridescent Printed Mugs Using metallic colors, earthenware and bone china mugs can be printed with an iridescent design. The effect can be striking enough to catch even passing eyes. Iridescent mugs also are more likely to be displayed more visibly, as they might be regarded a 'show' item rather than a utility one.

Organic Dye Images Using organic dyes, images in vivid colors can be printed on to the mugs. The dyed images are cured into the earthenware or bone china mugs, but are not safe to use in dishwashers or microwave ovens. Frosted Effects Promotional printed messages on earthenware and bone china mugs can also be given a light-catching frosted effect. This effect too is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Significance of Special Effects As we saw at the beginning, special effects add to the appeal of the promotional printed mugs.

Promotional mugs are used by a large number of businesses these days, most likely your competitors are using promotional mugs too. In such a context, it becomes important to make your promotional mugs stand out. It is this key function that adding special effects achieve. Just make sure that your mugs convey your message clearly and tastefully. Your promotional printed mug can be highly 'tactile' and 'visual', but if the message becomes lost in a confusing design, the mug can prove ineffective in achieving brand building and promotional objectives.

Ensure that your promotional mug is promotional first, and then focus on making it stand out from the crowd.

About Author:
Kim Bellars Director of Award Promotional Mugs writes about promotional printed mugs click for more details.

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