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Learn Spanish in Santiago the Capital of Chile

You can take a Spanish immersion course in Santiago, the capital and the largest city of Chile. It is a safe and comfortable city, with all the modern amenities. The people of Santiago are warm and friendly. The city has lively markets, shady parks and old quarters with an atmosphere.

Santiago also offers a range of social, cultural and artistic activities which will provide you with many opportunities to practice conversing. A short journey can get you to a ski resort, in the Andes, or to a beach resort on the Pacific coast. You can enjoy the magic of Latin America, while you learn Spanish in Santiago. Immersion Programs A language immersion program can help you to learn quickly and with less effort.

Immersion programs involve learning a second language by using it to communicate, rather than by studying the language itself. Learners are required to communicate in their second language and to avoid using their first language. Language immersion programs have been rated as the most effective method of learning a second language. If you learn Spanish in Santiago, you will be able to practice speaking in Spanish in the classroom, as well as outside of it.

You will be immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Spanish Schools in Santiago Some of the Spanish schools in Santiago are mentioned here. Terra Australis offers Spanish programs in Santiago. Personalized teaching is provided by graduate teachers, to small groups of no more than four learners. A wide range of activities are provided, which include Flamenco, Salsa, Tango, Golf, Rafting, Hang-gliding, etc. At Terra Australis, classroom study is combined with guided tours and home stays.

Learners are provided with plenty of time for sight seeing. All communication has to be in Spanish, for faster learning. Latin Immersion provides Spanish programs in Santiago, for learners of all levels. Group programs, one-to-one programs and customized programs are available. Special programs are provided, which combine Spanish with Tango and Spanish with skiing.

School trips, Salsa classes, outdoor sports, volunteering and cultural activities are also organized by Latin Immersion. Latin Immersion is the official examination center for DELE exams in Chile. DELE (Diploma de Espaņol como Lengua Extranjera), or the "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma" is granted by Spain's Ministry of Education and is the most widely recognized Spanish qualification. You can enjoy the range of outdoor activities, for which Chile is known, while you learn Spanish in Santiago. Be sure to maintain your language skills when you return home by staying in contact with Spanish speaking friends that you have made.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Spanish Learning Guide. Please visit to find out more about learning Spanish through local schools, studying abroad and educational technologies. http://www.spanish-learning-guide.com

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