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Part of the Megabop Digital brand, Mbop Megastore is a multi-genre online music store offering high quality mp3 downloads. Catering to all musical tastes and with a catalogue of over 1.5 million and climbing, Mbop Megastore provides everything from Classical oldies to R&B Funk with everything in between. Mbop mp3 music is compatible with any mp3 player and the iPod. Mbop Megastore provides both WMA files with DRM and mp3 with no DRM Music from every genre for every generation is out motto, and we aim to provide a one stop shop for reviews, opinion, and music shopping.

Mbop Megastore is a revolutionary music provider where you can find songs and music of any genre; The global brand boasts an affiliation with independent Record Labels as well as many of the great majors including SonyBMG and Warner Music Group; and with Beggars Banquet and Ministry of Sound in the pipeline, it's easy to visualise the broad range that Mbop Megastore has to offer. Mixing contemporary labels with the industry leaders, the Megastore has a little something for everyone. With careful timing, Mbop Megastore has entered the market with a unique perspective on music. With options to sign up for a monthly newsletter, Mbop Megastore provides you with latest release information, industry updates and artist related features. Incorporating competitions, great deals and enticing promotions, Mbop Megastore is a one stop shop.

Journalist for the Independent, Justin Stoneman wrote an article on the Mbop Global brand quoting 'The New Mbop business has successfully launched an attack on the big boys'. With a unique perspective, founder of Megabop Global-Paul Balance, previously a singer with 70's rock band Warm Jets, is approaching 40 years in the business and is placing his expertise behind the scenes at the Megabop Global Brand. The online mp3 download store has a philosophy to create and provide a social networking community inviting members to join an online society of music lovers to discuss, deliberate and share information.

Mbop Megastore is more than just an online store, it aims to become a part of your Musical fix. Mbop Megastore aims to provide it's members with an open forum for discussion, as well as a place where they can seek and find expert advice from a huge variety of industry experts. With many well respected taste makers on board, we expect that this will become a main attraction of the store. We are going to have editorial, reviews and recommendations by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry so people can have a bespoke experience even whilst browsing one of the biggest online download stores in the world.

This editorial content will also be complimented by download only compilations compiled and curated by cutting edge press and radio stations, both comprising new content and classic influences. Mbop Megastore is aiming to be more than just another mp3 download site ? we aim to have a thriving music community that will grow and evolve according to the wishes and demands of it's members.

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