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Beat Allergies with a Titanium Ring

Have you ever thought of wearing a titanium ring? Perhaps not - despite its durability and sophisticated appearance, titanium is not a material which many people associate with jewelery. However, the benefits of titanium rings can be considerable. In some cases, a titanium ring is the only really practical choice.

Doctors will tell you that allergies are currently on the rise right across the world, and one substance which a great many people are allergic to is nickel. You might associate nickel with cheap jewelery which you wouldn't want to wear anyway; if so, you'll be surprised to discover that it's a constituent of white gold. As white gold has become more and more popular in contemporary jewelery, more and more people have been discovering that they're allergic to their rings. Fortunately, titanium rings provide a practical and classy alternative Titanium rings are guaranteed hypo-allergenic because titanium doesn't oxidize quickly on contact with air. This is also one of the reasons why titanium rings are so durable and don't wear away, as other rings do, when worn every day. Even people who have experienced severe metal allergies in the past and can't generally wear any kind of jewelery will discover that titanium rings are comfortable no matter how long they're worn for.

And since nickel allergies often develop later in life in people who have no problem with them to begin with, they're something you may want to keep in mind if you're giving a ring which you hope will be worn for a lifetime. A titanium ring is guaranteed to be comfortable all the way down the years. The more you wear a ring containing nickel, the more likely you are to develop an allergy to it, but a titanium ring brings no such problems.

If you want something hypo-allergenic, you may be thinking, why not ordinary gold? The fact is that gold is becoming less and less fashionable in modern jewelery. Titanium rings have a much sharper modern look. Titanium rings are more stylish and discreet and don't suffer from an association with bling culture. You'll also find that titanium rings are a lot more durable than gold ones.

When you choose a titanium ring you can be practical and fashionable at the same time. For long term allergy sufferers, titanium rings come as a welcome relief. What's more, as they become increasingly fashionable in the general market, titanium rings are also becoming more affordable. Titanium rings are now available in a far wider range of styles and you an get titanium rings set with your favorite gemstones.

So don't continue to struggle with allergies, using creams and ointments so you can carry on trying to wear jewelery which is hurting you. Take a look at the exciting range of titanium rings out there. A titanium ring could be just the solution you've been looking for. Copyright (c) 2007 Henry Schweizer.

Henry Schweizer runs the Titanium Rings Review site. Everyday you'll find a new titanium ring model reviewed, plus useful tips and tricks on how to choose, buy and care a titanium ring. Check it out at titanium ring

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